Thursday, July 13, 2006

Why the New Blog?

My primary blog focuses on Christian novels. Yet occasionally I'd like to blog about music, especially Christian music and music produced by Christians (for those who make that distinction), which is about 95% of what I listen to. I'm creating this blog to express my love of music, give recommendations, and occasionally review a CD or artist. I'll also point readers to other great reviews of music and good deals on purchasing it.

Posted by Katie Hart - Freelance Writer @ 8:28 AM

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Katie, something's wrong. When I click on the comments section of the NEW BLOG, it brings me back HERE.


BTW, I think it's very cool you've got a music blog thing. If I weren't overloaded with my blogs, I'd do that, too!!!

No time.

My only crit: I'd love to see some more vibrant color. Music is colorful to me. Only Goth type stuff makes me think, "black, grey, deep purple, poison green."

In general, music makes me think of whole palettes.

I ramble. LATER!


Posted by Blogger Mirtika @ 8:25 AM #
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